Saturday, September 20, 2014

Paper Management: Taming the Paper Beast

New Teacher Institute, Exploratorium - September 20, 2014
Presented with Shana Solinksy

The amount that teachers have to deal with on a daily basis is vast! Shana and I talked about strategies to manage it and minimize it all.

Workshop write-up (pdf or google doc)
Workshop powerpoint (pdf or ppt)

Link to photos from the workshop

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

NGSS Aligned Unit Outlines

Working with my colleagues we took our District's linear sequence for Physics and found the Performance Expectations that fit with each of our units. From there we added our own objectives for some, more for others; Waves & Sound for example have many more of our own objectives because there are not many in NGSS that are about sound and mechanical waves. We also found some Science & Engineering Practices that were included in these units. There are many more practices we could have kept, but we were trying to keep it to a page. :) These are a work in process and are our own curricular guides; please take them lightly as we along with the rest of the country align to NGSS.
NGSS Aligned Unit Outlines:
KinematicsForces  2D Forces Energy
 Circular Motion,Torque Thermodynamics  Momentum  Waves & Sound
 ElectrostaticsElectromagnetism Current Electricity