Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Solar Dancer

Share n' Tell, NCNAAPT Fall Meeting, City College of San Francisco - November 15th, 2014

I found this Solar Dancer at the local Dollar Tree. It has a photocell (light sensitive panel) that collects light and causes the dancer to move side to side. The photocell sends current through the coil which creates a magnetic field. The magnetic field from the coil interferes with the permanent magnet's magnetic field and causes the small figure to move.
Solar Dancer Inside

Literacy & Kinematics

Share n' Tell, NCNAAPT Fall Meeting, City College of San Francisco - November 15th, 2014 
 Traffic Survey article from Los Altos (pdf or google doc), Dan Burns editorial (pdf or google doc) and activity questions (pdf or google doc). Definition of a "speed Trap" according to California Vehicle Code:

V C Section 40802 Speed Traps
Speed Traps
40802.  (a) A "speed trap" is either of the following:
(1) A particular section of a highway measured as to distance and with boundaries marked, designated, or otherwise determined in order that the speed of a vehicle may be calculated by securing the time it takes the vehicle to travel the known distance.

Friday, November 14, 2014

NGSS Interactive Pathway resource

While searching for an image to use for a poster submission four my upcoming NCNAAPT meeting I found this image that I really enjoyed from the Concord Consortium. Conceptually I think it helps with understanding how the three strands are brought together. I was amused when I found a "fortune teller" template about NGSS. I was thrilled to see this interactive pathway page. If you choose a Discipline Core Idea, then a Practice you would like to use and finally a Crosscutting Concept. Then an activity is suggested for you that meets all those needs! The materials look great and were developed with a grant from NSF. The activities are very detailed, including images and other multimedia and has pacing information with teacher support. Some have questions next to the pictures for students to answer. After the questions are answered students can create a report that can be printed with their responses.
NGSS Pathways.gif

The poster I submitted to the NCNAAPT conference is available here and is meant as an introduction to NGSS for teachers and administrators alike.